GPS for your wandering child!

As many parents of children with ADHD or Autism know, our kids like to wander. Some wander and don’t know they are doing it as its part of their Autism and others wander because they don’t think ahead of time letting us know something they want to see or something that catches the eye.

Well, I am here to tell you about this great watch we got from Verizon Wireless. It’s called the GizmoPal and it is perfect for our Little Autistic love muffin.


See Alyssa has a tendency to wander at times, not because she chooses to but because she forgets or as she says her brain just wants to go somewhere and it shuts everything else out. We have had a few very bad scares with this child and we would be devastated to lose her.

GizmoPal is this pretty neat watch that has no numbers or screen, Just a speaker and a button to push. It has a GPS tracker in it so that you can find your perfect someone wherever they are. With GizmoPal you can connect it to an app on your phone. This lets you change features (volume, fun sounds, ringtone, quiet mode, quiet time), Locate your child, give history of where your child has been, and call your child. You have the ability to add 2 outbound call numbers (mom, dad) and 4 incoming call numbers.

This has been great for our daughter as she loves to call and check in, even if she is in her bedroom closet watching a movie on her tablet. It’s a direct connection to mom and dad and it is helping her be a little more independent. She can push the button once to call me and twice to call dad, she can even hold down the button to get the time.


All in all I love this watch and compared to other tracking devices for your special needs children it is really affordable. I have seen several in the $hundreds and you have to pay a monthly fee of over $10.00. GizmoPal is less than $100.00 to purchase and then its only $5.00 a month on our Verizon plan.

So far I have not seen anything to give GizmoPal a bad review, I have seen it do everything it says it will do. We have had no problems with things not working and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is concerned about their little ones.