It isn’t always easy.

Having a child with autism isn’t easy. It’s not the meltdowns or the constant need for routine that is hard to deal with it is the social part that I feel affects me as a mom of a beautiful autistic girl. When I see that she doesn’t understand relationships and how they work, or her need to be outside of the group with no real emotion to be included at times. That is the part I think is hard for me. I want so badly for her to have friendships and be a part of a group.

There are times she thrives for the attention from her peers and there are those times she just backs away from the possibility of having relationships with others. One minute she can be in your bubble wanting so bad to be your friend and the next she doesn’t want to communicate and does her own thing. I don’t understand what is going on in her head and I guess it’s not for me to understand. All I can do is encourage healthy friendships and hope that someday she will understand more about the people who come and go throughout the years.

The friends she has understand her and that is so very important, because the friends that don’t understand or know how to deal with her at times seem to turn their backs without a care in the world. Does it hurt Alyssa? Yes and No and only she can understand that. I hope in time it gets easier and I hope that the friends she does have stay her friend for many many years to come. In the mean time I will be there to help love, guide and even explain the nature of others when she needs it most!


Alyssa at her girl scout meeting.