Relaxing weekend of Crocheting fun.

I finally got my logo finished and I really do like it a lot. I am still very new to this blog this so again please stick with me and hope I don’t give up too soon.

While waiting and working on getting my logo finished I spent some time working on my second Cowl Neck Poncho,, I love love love this pattern and I will be making more I am sure. A little about the pattern and a few pictures and notes to self for the future:

The pattern is from Simply Crochet magazine Issue #25

Featured imageThis pattern is one of my favorite patterns to make. It can be switched up so easily to fit any size and you get to pick the fabulous colors to make it fit your personality.. The first Cowl Neck Poncho I made turned out to be a little smaller than I had hoped for (I am a tight crocheter). I also didn’t pick the colors I really wanted, I picked what was on hand that I thought would look good and while the colors did look very good the finished product just wasn’t me.. It was more the style for my youngest daughter Alyssa..  After making my first Cowl Neck Poncho which ended up being Alyssa’s, I went on a search for the colors I wanted in my second Poncho. After finishing my Poncho I am very satisfied, very happy and yes I have already worn it out, as a matter of fact I wore it to work today!

Here are the 2 Cowl Neck Ponchos I have created so far and am pretty proud to display.

IMG_20141229_124614  IMG_20150103_222901

Lets hope I get an order or two for more of these since they are fun to make and see come together!