Donation for the K-9’s

Alyssa has been selling her homemade dog treats at a local sewing shop. And to many friends and family. She had raised $200 total so far. Well, last night she got to deliver her donation to the Eden Prairie Police K-9 unit – Crime Prevention Fund. It was amazing, She got to meet Riggs (pictured) one of the K-9 dogs in our city. She brought with her a bag of her treats for both dogs as well as a toy she picked out for each.


Alyssa with K-9 Riggs!

Riggs loved the toy so much and had a blast playing with Alyssa. He was so well mannered and attentive to her actions. Her goal is to continue selling her treats and donating to these beautiful hard working dogs.


We want to thank the Eden Prairie Police for giving her the chance to meet these dogs on a good solid level. Our goal is to teach Alyssa that not only are the police there to help and make the community a better place but that they are her friends as she has wanted for some time.


Also thank you to Valley West Sewing Center for helping Alyssa achieve her goals and sell those treats. She couldn’t have done it without you. Your family is amazing and very caring. God has blessed us and you with amazing kids who have Autism and teaching these wonderful kids how to set goals and make things happen is just one of the many blessings we share!

Alyssa’s K9 Kitchen

Well,  my little angel has been at it again. After giving the local police in our area gifts “just because”, she has decided that she wants to go into business!

She spoke with her grandmother, a small business owner, and asked her for advise. She wanted to know:
1) is her idea a good one?
2) what should she name it?
3) how to start?
Her grandmother approved and thought it was a wonderful idea and let her know that once she sets her mind to it, she can make it happen. So she did just that.

Her new business adventure is to make home made dog biscuits to sell. She doesn’t want the money for herself, she wants to donate all the money from selling the biscuits to local K9 units around the area. She said the dogs sometimes don’t get what they should so she is going to help that happen.
So again, it was my job to head over to Pinterest and find some dog biscuit ideas. We found one she can make herself, so we just went for it. Alyssa is able to do everything all by herself and that makes these treats even better.

making biscuits dog biscuits

Once she tried her first batch of dog biscuits she was even more excited as you can see.
We even asked our local vet if the Ingredients were safe and got full approval from them to move forward!


The hard part was picking a name for her business. She sat at the table and came up with 3 names she liked, but still couldn’t choose. So we took it to Facebook and asked all of our friends to help pick the name…

Picking a name cant choose one

And the WINNER is…………………………. #1, Alyssa’s K9 Kitchen

After that we sat together and came up with label ideas. She picked packaging and the colors and got a finished product. Obviously dog approved!

finished product

Now I have a feeling we will be making quit a few of these and walking the neighborhoods this weekend!

busy busy busy

Well, summer has officially started and sports have begun. Between working 40+ hours, keeping a clean house, getting kids to and from Karate, Soccer, football workouts and Gymnastics, I haven’t had much time for myself.

I broke my foot so I am not jumping to get up but still I am busy enough to not be down long.

My oldest daughter had surgery back on May 29th to remove her tonsils and adenoids. But she is all better now.

School is out and the kids are ready to go to Valley Fair almost everyday, well at least everyday they are not in YMCA camp.

Right now I am just trying to catch up my mood blanket and enjoying the times with the kids as much as I can!