Lets talk Life Planners!

So my daughter went to college this year and in doing so she also purchased a life planner, now at first I thought “how crazy to buy a life planner online when you can go and get one from the store so much cheaper”. Well, the planner came right before she moved away to the dorm and I had the chance to look at it a little closer. I realized that “yes” it was worth the money and it was a very useful tool as well.

I purchased my own Life Planner and I purchased from Erin Condren, there are things I like and things I don’t like about Erin Condren and I will go over both with you in a minute. (Insert rave review here: I love this planner because it works good for my family life, work life and crafty life)

First here is a look at the Planer I chose.



Things I like and love about this planner:
It has everything. I have a normal monthly view and I have my weekly views as well. Now I know a lot of people out there love to decorate their Erin Condren Life Planners, I gave it a shot as you can see but I am not to sure I can keep up with this decorating thing with my schedule. We will have to see.

Things I like:
• I like the many different way to personalize these planners, like your name, or phrase.
• I like that they give you stickers in the back of the planner for special dates or personalize your own stickers from them (your choice).
• I like that they give you a plastic zipper pocket for items that need safe keeping, and in that pocket they send you personalized stickers to match the planner you picked out.
• I like the Perpetual calendar and contacts book they send with the planner so you can add birthdays and anniversary’s in it and never miss adding those to the next years calendar
• I like the little spiral paperclips they send
• I like the “Keep it together” pocket folder at the back of the planner
• I LOVE all of the many different quotes throughout the planner and they way they make each quote stand out.
• I love like that the cover is interchangeable and the book mark moves as you do.

Things I don’t like:
• I hate their customer service
• I hate there is no working phone line to call to get answers
• I hate that when you pay for over night shipping, you DON’T get over night shipping
• I hate that when you send and email or suggestion you get an automated response

So in short, will I get another Planner next year? Yes I will, and I will most likely get another Erin Condren. What did I learn from my ordering experience? Order in November of this year, Do Not pay overnight shipping and Hope I get it by January 1st of next year!