A day for myself.

Yesterday was a great day for me. I got to sit on my couch all day and crochet. This was the first day in a few weeks now that I have any time for myself, so of course I took advantage of ever second.

The first thing I did was catch up on my mood blanket. It felt really good to do that. I got to go over all the square moods I had marked down in my calendar and add them to my blanket. I now have 54 days of my 360 day blanket complete. I looks great so far and I really enjoy seeing my feelings on a blanket.
If you want to see more information on how the process of the Mood blanket works, Click Here.

As for now, here is the updated picture of this year long blanket in the making!



The rest of the day i worked on a new hat that I really wanted to complete in January but just didn’t have the time. Stay tuned to see the completion of The Women’s Peaked Hat… I really like it.

Beautiful Jewelry, beautiful friend

Last night when I arrived home from work, I was pleasantly surprised to find a package in the mail. It was from a friend of mine that I have recently become somewhat close to and someone I hope to call my friend for many years to come.

In this package were two amazing pieces of jewelry. I was expecting one for sure but the second one was a pleasant surprise. When I originally set eyes the jewelry she was making I of course loved the San Francisco 49ers bracelet and I wanted to place an order but she and her husband wouldn’t let me pay for it. Now, you have to understand she doesn’t work for free by any means but her husband happens to be childhood friends with my husband and this being the case I wasn’t allowed to pay for her work.

That being said, while I was expecting the 49ers bracelet I was not expecting the charm bracelet. What she did to make the charm bracelet took a lot of thought and care. She got it perfect! It has three kids on it, three birthstones on it, an autism puzzle piece, a football, an awareness ribbon, a heart of love and half of a best friend heart. (Secretly hoping she has the other end)
This bracelet is amazing and the work she does to make these bracelets is equally amazing.


You can see more of her work at Marcia’s Handcrafted Bead Designs. You just might find the perfect gift that can be personalized just for you!