Keeping the faith

As you many of you know we are in the process of moving out of the State of Minnesota. Its been a long journey so far and we haven’t even left yet. As we are counting down the days packing and cleaning, we can all sit back and remember the amazing times we had in Minnesota and all the amazing people we have met.

For a while I was getting a little stressed out, We had put a purchase agreement in on the new house in Texas but we had not yet gotten a buyer for our home in Minnesota. We had literally two days remaining before we would have to cancel out agreement for our new home. I was crying, stressing and just not in a good place. I had to remind myself that all of this was not in our hands but in Gods hands and that If I didn’t put my faith in Gods hands to deliver us what was best that I was just being selfish. I took a step back and reminded myself that I needed to pray for his will and for his guidance.

One day later We got an offer on our house. and everything has fallen into place again.

That was a simple reminder that we may want for ourselves but we need to let Gods plan work his way and not our way. we need to have faith that his timing is right and his timing is not a punishment but maybe a trial for us to learn.

Now we are 11 days away from out move, we are packed and ready to close in Minnesota then head out for a two day trip to Texas. We are ready to make new friends and see old friends. We are ready to start new in our new house and explore new places.

One of the most important things for us will be to find a new Church. A church for our family and a Church for our kids to learn and grow in.

I’m in exited and overwhelmed but I know it is going to be amazing!



We are moving to Texas!
This is a change for our family that we thought long and hard about and have worked really hard to make come true. At the end of April we took a trip down to Texas to check out the housing availability and we set our sites on a new construction home. We pretty much fell in love right away with the house we picked. Alyssa had gone with us and was on board right away. Yes she has had some fears but for the most part she is just ready to go.


Our new construction home!

Once we returned back to MN, we started working on our current home so we could get it on the market. Well, its been 33 days and we have had no offers. Its a great starter house and all of the mechanicals are updated. I cant lie, I have been getting a little depressed, very anxious and somewhat overwhelmed with the though of not getting this house sold. We technically have until June 24th to get an offer on our home in order to close just in time for the closing in TX. This is very stressful.

Lets fast forward for a minute to last night…. yesterday I started to really lose hope. I started to really doubt what we as a family were doing with this move. and then I called my old sponsor and friend. She reminded me that none of this is in our hands and that I needed to pray for faithfulness, I needed to turn it over to God again and take a step back. You know, She is right. I forgot that their is a power so much greater than myself who has a plan and that he will take care of this. I guess I shouldn’t have packed my bibles and my readable materials of my daily devotions. I really need to get back into the meditation and the praising of my almighty God, I really need to release some of my stress and let him take over.

So here we are. Our family is going to wait and pray and be kind. We love our friends and family and our amazing support system and we love and trust in God.

What more can we ask for?






Alyssa’s service dog and Petsmarts treatment.

Our service dog in training went to #Petsmart Hotel (Eden Prairie) Dog day camp for a 3 hour play date. He is 8 months old.
When I went to pick him up, they told me he was at the animal hospital because he had gotten a good size gouge in his hind leg, The vet said he needed to be sedated and get 6 staples. PetSmart said they dont know what happened they would review the cameras and get back to me, Its day 2, I went in today to get copies of any paperwork we signed and see what happened since I havent heard back. I was told we never signed a master agreement (releasing petsmart from any liability) and that they viewed the tape and saw that no other dogs were near his hind legs. So what happened then?
My husband called to get more info and now PetSmart hotel will not speak with us regarding this any longer and told us to get a lawyer. Really?
My daughter is a wreck.

We have finally been contacted with 4 different stories from Petsmart employees.
1) The video showed no dogs near his hind leg or bites.
2) The video showed Rizzo mounting another dog and getting bit.
3) there is no video
4) (legal team) Sorry there is a video and we watched it and it appears he was bit behind a pole you cant really see behind.

Will they let me see the video for myself to see what really happened to Rizzo? No they refuse. This leads me to believe something else happened to my dog. Im still fighting this fight. Alyssa wants to know whats wrong with her dog. Im going to get answers.

Finding her place!

This year Alyssa found something she felt part of. Well in all actuality it was the people she met who made her feel she belonged. Each year we go to Valley Scare during the Halloween season. Pretty much we go every weekend. Well this year she found some people who worked for the park, actors, actors who are there to scare. Alyssa of course wasn’t scared though, Alyssa found a group called “The Demon Corps“. I know they may sound scary but they are in fact the opposite of that. They are compassionate. They just took her in to their ranks and made her feel part of something special.

Here is how it all began:
1st and 2nd visit:
It was like no other normal day at “Valley Scare“. But something about the people in these pictures stood out to her. She gravitate to them. She wasn’t afraid, she just went for it. Shy at first but then opening up.


You can see she is in her pink shirt the first day she. That guy right there in that first picture, Yup, his name is Nick better known as “Clicks“. Then the next weekend she met the Gypsy fortune tellers who told her to stay true to herself and keep doing her thing, she adored them. Then that same night she watched “The Demon Corps” show. The Demon Corps is a group of friends who are the sliders of Valley Scare. They have their knee pads, steal toes and metal on their gloves.. They run up and drop down sliding to and from scaring the crap out of people left and right. But not Alyssa..

3rd visit:
This visit, Alyssa went with her own knee pads, and duct tape on her shoes… She also was waiting patiently for a sweatshirt from the corp.


She was prepared. She went to Valley Scare ready to be one of them. Here she is getting her sweat shirt from the group.. I think this moment hit me pretty good. To see her reaction when she got it and to see her confidence uplifted was an accomplishment in the making. Seeing how when she put the makeup on she felt she could speak up, walk tall and be proud was an amazing feeling.

You can see her in action right here..

Weekday work time:
This happened to be during the week of MEA weekend so there was no school on Thursday and Friday. This means its go to work with mom days! She sure was prepared too. She brought her colors and paper and she made the group a picture. This picture had a personal drawing of each member of the group (Clicks, Giggles, Raven, Sly, Skitzo, Stitches,Sparkles, Scabs). She was so excited to give it to them!

Now Alyssa is a very smart little girl, She tries to do everything just right. By this I mean when she sets her sites on something, she normally will get it done. So true to herself she took it upon herself at first to find the materials to make the gloves this group of amazing people had. She went to her dads tool box looking for anything she could try and put onto a glove. Finally dad stepped in and took over. He figured it out and went to work making her very own pair of sliding gloves.. Minus flint!

Final night:
As the days passed for Alyssa all she could think about and talk about was The Demon Corps. She corrected us when we said a name wrong or talked about how they were sliding. This kid memorized everything. She practiced in the driveway, she looked on YouTube for makeup ideas. She took my phone to look at Instagram to see their pictures. She said they were a part of her now. She knew what she wanted to do whens he got older.

So we took her to the last night of Valley Scare for the year. We walked around and of course she walked tall, she had her makeup, her metal shoes and gloves, she had her hoodie and she had her friends. She felt amazing and I felt amazing knowing my kid who doesn’t have many friends, my kid who struggles with relationships and boundaries, my kid who doesn’t have a place of her own. Yeah, my kid now feels she does. Even if its for a few weekends out of the year.


These are the people who accepted her faults, They put up with her stalking, and they let her in. These are the people who let her be part of the show even in the background. The pictures are not great but the feeling is.

The Demon Corps

Final night with her people!

This is her last picture. Her sad face says it all.. But the memories will always be there for her.

Here is my side note to anyone with a kid in Minnesota with a disability. Check out this groups Facebook page. Like it and check up. See when they will be out and about doing things. They are 100% amazing and I trust them wholeheartedly. If they can make my kid feel a part of something that is real to her then they can make your kids feel special too!

Its been busy around here!

Well it has been another busy Fall season around our house.

Jordan was back at it with his Football and was once again on the best team imaginable for him and our family. We have  grown to love our football family because they are such a wonderful bunch of people, his team play hard and did great. I am so grateful to have him on the team he has been on for the last 4 years. We couldn’t ask for better coaches and kids. Our coaches go above and beyond for these boys. They take a special interest in each and every one of those boys and it shows with the heart they show our children. God has blessed us with the amazing parents we have met and bonds we have built over these years and hopefully many more years to come. Thank you coaches, families and kids for playing hard, playing with heart and giving it your all. We love you!


Alyssa played Flag Football this fall as well and she cannot wait to join Tackle football like her brother next fall.


Chris is working hard everyday and I am juggling a job, home, kids and college.

Yes folks you heard that right. I am now a college student at the lovely old age of 40. I have chose to go back to school and become a Nurse. My main goal is to help those in Drug and Alcohol facilities.  14716045_1132670180103378_9210517444444679844_n

I now spend a lot of time doing this ↑↑↑. But all in all I still make time for my kids!

I will try to keep up with the blog as much as I can and I hope I can get more info on here about How Alyssa and Jordan both are doing!

A brothers love!

I have an amazing son, He is supportive and caring to no end. And even though he fights with his sister frequently, He still loves her dearly.

Well, He had me sign him up for Virtual Strides. He wanted to get Alyssa the Autism medal for run/walking a 5k. Not only did he do it to support his sister he did it to support Autism Awareness in general. He did it on his own free will and he did it out of love.

His medal was delivered in the mail yesterday and he gave it to his sister… Thank you my dear loving son for making Alyssa’s day brighter.


WOW its a new year!

WoW, Boy it’s been a while since I have had a chance to sit down and write. There have been a lot of things going on in my house so far this year, some good and some not so good. All in all I would say things are holding up just fine. The kids are still doing pretty well in school.
The bullying has stopped with Jordan, so he is more confident at school and making more and more friends. The boy never seems to have homework because he does it in school on down time. (Who does that at 11?)
Alyssa has been ok, she was doing really good for a while there but as of recently her case manager has informed me that she has regressed a little in 2016. She will be attending an extended school program this summer for 12 sessions which we hope will benefit her in the long run.

Alyssa is still in Gymnastics but has not moved up, she is still in beginners because she cant seem to make it over that bar without some assistance. She has started Flag football (pic below). And she is busting out bags and bags of dog biscuits.


Jordan is in Flag football and in Soccer this spring. This boy and his sports!

Olivia is now on the road to becoming a Social Worker. She changed her degree from Law Enforcement to Social Work because she sees it as a better fit all around. She is still In the Army National Guard and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon.

I myself have been having some issues with my knee but other than that I think the family is doing AMAZING.