Keeping the faith

As you many of you know we are in the process of moving out of the State of Minnesota. Its been a long journey so far and we haven’t even left yet. As we are counting down the days packing and cleaning, we can all sit back and remember the amazing times we had in Minnesota and all the amazing people we have met.

For a while I was getting a little stressed out, We had put a purchase agreement in on the new house in Texas but we had not yet gotten a buyer for our home in Minnesota. We had literally two days remaining before we would have to cancel out agreement for our new home. I was crying, stressing and just not in a good place. I had to remind myself that all of this was not in our hands but in Gods hands and that If I didn’t put my faith in Gods hands to deliver us what was best that I was just being selfish. I took a step back and reminded myself that I needed to pray for his will and for his guidance.

One day later We got an offer on our house. and everything has fallen into place again.

That was a simple reminder that we may want for ourselves but we need to let Gods plan work his way and not our way. we need to have faith that his timing is right and his timing is not a punishment but maybe a trial for us to learn.

Now we are 11 days away from out move, we are packed and ready to close in Minnesota then head out for a two day trip to Texas. We are ready to make new friends and see old friends. We are ready to start new in our new house and explore new places.

One of the most important things for us will be to find a new Church. A church for our family and a Church for our kids to learn and grow in.

I’m in exited and overwhelmed but I know it is going to be amazing!



We are moving to Texas!
This is a change for our family that we thought long and hard about and have worked really hard to make come true. At the end of April we took a trip down to Texas to check out the housing availability and we set our sites on a new construction home. We pretty much fell in love right away with the house we picked. Alyssa had gone with us and was on board right away. Yes she has had some fears but for the most part she is just ready to go.


Our new construction home!

Once we returned back to MN, we started working on our current home so we could get it on the market. Well, its been 33 days and we have had no offers. Its a great starter house and all of the mechanicals are updated. I cant lie, I have been getting a little depressed, very anxious and somewhat overwhelmed with the though of not getting this house sold. We technically have until June 24th to get an offer on our home in order to close just in time for the closing in TX. This is very stressful.

Lets fast forward for a minute to last night…. yesterday I started to really lose hope. I started to really doubt what we as a family were doing with this move. and then I called my old sponsor and friend. She reminded me that none of this is in our hands and that I needed to pray for faithfulness, I needed to turn it over to God again and take a step back. You know, She is right. I forgot that their is a power so much greater than myself who has a plan and that he will take care of this. I guess I shouldn’t have packed my bibles and my readable materials of my daily devotions. I really need to get back into the meditation and the praising of my almighty God, I really need to release some of my stress and let him take over.

So here we are. Our family is going to wait and pray and be kind. We love our friends and family and our amazing support system and we love and trust in God.

What more can we ask for?