Weekend for me!

This weekend was eventful and relaxing. I was super absorbed in making it mine and I did just that. Saturday I woke and was ready for the day, I got my little one dressed and forced the hubby to also get his man clothes on and traveled to IKEA.. Yup its one of my favorite stores.. So anyways We went for a light and came out with a light and a chair. See below:


Yes that is the chair.. Now this chair must be something pretty special since I bought it. It fits perfect in the space I had to fill and it is so comfortable to sit in that I have now dubbed it my NEW crochet chair.. More of less it is my corner. Well this is what I thought anyways. If you look at this picture you will see that my dog “Buddy” has positioned himself right in the middle of MY very comfortable chair. He seems to really like it right? Boy is he mistaken.. Yes, yes he can sit in it when I am not in it I don’t have a problem with that at all but if he thinks this is his chair he has another thing coming..

SO on to the next dilemma, See below:


There it is, my chair in its nice little corner space waiting for me to have my yarn basket organized so I can move on over and sit in it… Oh no,, not the case again, as you can see “Alyssa” seems to have taken it over. She even put a pillow in it so she can maneuver herself just right so she can see the TV at the right angle. Well this just wont do. Now I must sit back and think of ways to make the chair unwanted by both the dog and my little girl so I can assure that It will always be available to ME! Any ideas are much appreciated and I wont judge if you don’t!

I also did in fact enjoy time watching Downton Abbey and I made it to the end of the second season. I do really like the show and even set the DVR to record season five so I can catch up when I get to that point. While enjoying my new series I worked on the child’s blanket and find myself ending the weekend at 1/3 finished. Very exciting.

Long week….

Its been a long week at my house and I have had zero time to work on my projects. Here is a run down of what has gone on in my life this week.

We had an IEP meeting for my youngest daughter on Monday, It went well I think and I am pleased with her progress and success in school. There will be a few changes to her IEP but they are good changes and I am excited to see how well it all works out in the end.

Alyssa had her first piano lesson and loved it and then also had her Girl Scouts this week! (can’t wait for those cookies)

We moved my oldest daughter into her college dorm this week. She is going to college for a 4 year degree in Law Enforcement and I couldn’t be more proud of her. The stress of the move was a little over whelming but I feel it went very well and we only missed a few items which she will take with her Sunday when she goes back. The driving to and from the college was a little rough since we are having some really bad weather these days, as in its extremely cold outside (around -30 degrees) and during the trip down and back the wind was horrible so there were more than 500 accidents on the roads that day in the Twin Cities.

With the weather being as it is right now we had Olivia take my husbands Dodge Durango to her weekend Drill. Did I mention Olivia is the Army National Guard? Yes I am blessed with an amazing kid! So with her move into college and then this weekend being a weekend for Drill she is very busy and going to be rushing Sunday just to get herself back to campus and ready for the first day of college on Monday.

WOW, I can’t believe my baby is not a baby anymore..

Jordan got to move into a bigger room this week. Its is of course all decked out in Chicago Bears stuff and he loves it. He is back to his regular schedule in Tae Kwon Do now that the Holidays are over and things are going very well for him.

So with all of my running, moving and cleaning. I will be relaxing this weekend with a new Series (Downton Abbey) I have not every seen it, but have heard good things about and I will be working on a blanket. I am excited and cant wait to just sit and enjoy my down time.