Discipline book to live by.

INoDrama am a book reader, I love to read for either entertainment or to learn new things in life.

I was told about this book called No-Drama Discipline and how some parents are really liking what they read. A friend of mine then told me that she got the Audible from Amazon for FREE for 30 days and if you got the FREE 30 trial of Audible you could get this book “No-Drama Discipline for FREE as well. So of course I did just that.

I got through this book at work while listening to it and working at the same time, Good news is I got my work done, other good news is I got to get through the entire book in 2 days and learned a TON.

What I like about this book is that it teaches you new ways to get your child to listen… No really I mean LISTEN to you. It gives you ways to get their attention without yelling, lashing out, without using a dark tone in your voice that may not get your child to actually listen, They may hear you at that moment in fear or anger but they are not actually listening, Listening means they are taking in what they hear and they are taking in what is being said and maybe what they listen to will stick and they may just remember what was discussed.

The best thing is that the very beginning of this book explains the KEY element to Disciple.

Discipline means to “Teach”. The root of Discipline is Disciple which means “Student”, “Pupil” and “Learner”. So with Discipline we are teaching our Children who are the students. When you teach you get them to listen. Listening means they will learn from what has happened.

You must also Connect and Redirect.

If you can connect with your child emotionally. “Our relationship with our children should be central to everything we do”. Connection means we give our children the attention, that we respect them enough to listen to them, that we value their contribution to solving the problem, and that we communicate to them that we’re on their side, whether we like the way they are acting or not.

Once we’ve connected with our children and helped them calm down so they can hear us and fully understand what we are saying, we can then redirect them toward more appropriate behaviors and help them see a better way to handle themselves.

Consequences and lessons are ineffective as long as a child is upset and unable to hear the lessons you are offering.

This book does teach us so much more, but I feel for my ASD and ADHD children these are the KEY elements of this book.  Check it out and see how you feel or even if you learn something new to try with your kids. I give it two thumbs up!