Veterans Day

Today is Veterans day, Today we remember the men and woman who have pledged to fight for our country and protect. Today Alyssa and the rest of the family will visit a very important man.

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This year our family’s grandfather passed away. He passed on St. Patrick’s day and was laid to rest on April 1st 2015 in a national cemetery. George was a huge part of Alyssa’s life, he was there since day one, He lived with us and helped care for Alyssa. He didn’t have to he wanted to. They were two peas in a pod, He meant the world to her and still does to this day.

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Alyssa thinks about George every day of her life, she prays at the table for him to have a great day in heaven, She has taken over his old room and while she does have her stuff on the walls, her bedroom set and all her dolls, what she doesn’t let anyone touch or move is his wall of pictures, the paint color and his walking stick. All of those things must stay where they are until she is ready. They had a special bond that no one could crack and they still do to this day.

What some people do not know is that George has a remarkable effect on my oldest daughter as well. Olivia talked to George a lot, She also grew up the last 6 years of her life with this amazing man living in our home. I remember the day she enlisted in the Army National Guard. He cried and he thanked her and he was so incredibly proud. When she went to basic training for 3 months, he cried and talked about her all the time. When she went to AIT training for 4 months he wrote her and asked if she had called, How was she. and again cried because he was so proud. Olivia made an impact on him as he did to her.

I want to say thank you to these two amazing people. Thank you for being such loving people in our lives but also for taking that oath to protect and honor our country. I love you both!

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Recess and Lunch with the Army!

Today my son got a very interesting surprise at his school. His big sister came to visit him for lunch. You are probably saying to yourself, ” no big deal, people have lunch with their family all the time at school”. Well this was no ordinary lunch.
Today my sons big sister brought some friends. Today was her day to stand up for her brother and let him know that he not only has her for support and friendship but her Cadre-family as well.
So she and a few of her Army unit personnel came to visit Jordan at his school. Jordan had no idea what was happening, just that out of no-where were 3 people dressed in uniform standing in the hallway front of his class, waiting to go out on the recess field and play some football. Was this exciting, of course it was,  there were kids everywhere who wanted to know why, who, where they came from, do they know someone? Then it was, WOW that’s Jordan’s sister and her friends……
Lunch was interesting, there were several questions from students pertaining to the military. There were a few stares and there was that nasty school lunch these tough guys wouldn’t even touch.


These men and this sister didn’t have to do it, but one thing I have learned from my daughter joining the military, These people come together for more then just training, they come together to be part of something good. They are our strength, our hope and our future..