A brothers love!

I have an amazing son, He is supportive and caring to no end. And even though he fights with his sister frequently, He still loves her dearly.

Well, He had me sign him up for Virtual Strides. He wanted to get Alyssa the Autism medal for run/walking a 5k. Not only did he do it to support his sister he did it to support Autism Awareness in general. He did it on his own free will and he did it out of love.

His medal was delivered in the mail yesterday and he gave it to his sister… Thank you my dear loving son for making Alyssa’s day brighter.


WOW its a new year!

WoW, Boy it’s been a while since I have had a chance to sit down and write. There have been a lot of things going on in my house so far this year, some good and some not so good. All in all I would say things are holding up just fine. The kids are still doing pretty well in school.
The bullying has stopped with Jordan, so he is more confident at school and making more and more friends. The boy never seems to have homework because he does it in school on down time. (Who does that at 11?)
Alyssa has been ok, she was doing really good for a while there but as of recently her case manager has informed me that she has regressed a little in 2016. She will be attending an extended school program this summer for 12 sessions which we hope will benefit her in the long run.

Alyssa is still in Gymnastics but has not moved up, she is still in beginners because she cant seem to make it over that bar without some assistance. She has started Flag football (pic below). And she is busting out bags and bags of dog biscuits.


Jordan is in Flag football and in Soccer this spring. This boy and his sports!

Olivia is now on the road to becoming a Social Worker. She changed her degree from Law Enforcement to Social Work because she sees it as a better fit all around. She is still In the Army National Guard and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon.

I myself have been having some issues with my knee but other than that I think the family is doing AMAZING.

Bullying and your rights

I’m just going to put this out there because at the current time my son is going through this. Since October 8th of this year he has been bullied by a child at school and this child’s friends. HERE you can see the day he was assaulted by the child and since that day has endured ridicule, teasing, threats and more.

No Bullying (1)

I myself have gone to the school as well as my son has gone to the Principle and assistant Principle. Nothing has changed. Nothing is being accomplished. So here are the steps to take to get the ball rolling when your child is being bullied. (Well the steps I take anyways)

  • Go to http://www.stopbullying.gov/laws/federal/ and read up on what the Federal Laws are.
  • Go to your State on that first page of the Federal site and read up on your state laws. Ours happens to be Minnesota. http://www.stopbullying.gov/laws/minnesota.html
  • Print out both Federal and State laws. Highlight the areas that pertain to your child being bullied
  • Write down every incident, Keep detailed notes of who you spoke to and when bout each incident and what was told to you.
  • If it continues. Go over the school itself head and contact the Superintendent of your district, be sure you have all your notes.
  • If that doesn’t work, file a restraining order. Yes you can get restraining orders for unwanted acts. Even against children. My son was assaulted so that defiantly warrants a restraining order.
  • Get involved in your community to bring attention to bullying and let it be known you won’t stand for it and will help others if needed.
  • See if there are other recourses in your area. Minnesota has School Safety Technical Assistance Center, They help schools develop programming and intervention practices to deal with bullying, and should be able to reach out to your child’s school to resolve the bullying.

I am not a parent who will stand by and let my child fear going to school. I have heard from others in the school (people who work there) that my son isn’t not the same, that he is quiet, he is reserved now and always watching his surroundings. This is not OK with me and I will be his advocate 100% until something is done. Don’t let your child be a victim to bullying. Listen to your children, watch for signs and talk to them.

It’s that Elfing time of year again

Yes, its time for the mischievous Elf on the Shelf to come live at our house again.
I have to say this is a pretty genius idea. This Elf (ours is named Elfie) comes to our house on December 1st and watches the kids until December 24 when Santa comes to give the gifts and take Elfie back to the North Pole with him. Elfie reports back to Santa every night about how the kids were behaving in our home, Are they Naughty or Nice? Then Elfie comes back to the house where he gets himself into plenty of not so great situations and we wake up and catch the little one playing about the house.

This morning Alyssa woke up and was on the hunt to see if Elfie would come again this year, and much to her surprise she did. She even came with a door to the North Pole. When we woke up this morning there she was sitting next to her new door with a note for Alyssa. So after reading the note, Alyssa sat down and had a little chat with Elfie, Alyssa explained that since she has to be good every day that Elfie should be good everyday and that maybe this year she should try to not get into troublesome predicaments around the house at night.

dec 1

So from now until Santa comes to gift us our gifts and take Elfie back, we are stuck wondering “What will Elfie do tonight?”

Donating from the heart.

Alyssa is on a roll these days with her kindness and love. She has done so many amazing things, Gifts for the local Police, Gifts for the local Fireman, Dog treats for the local K9 Dogs. and starting her own Dog biscuit business so she can donate the proceeds to charities and K9 units.

Last night she added one more to the list of good deeds.. She helped “Feed my Starving Children“.  She was very excited and really enjoyed what she did. While we started off a little rocky, (so much going on in the big room and so many people) she did pull it together and helped all that she could. She had a blast.


I think giving her this opportunity to help other and to do work to get a result that she can see is amazing. Here is what we did in such a short time helping.


If you are interested in helping, I say do it. Get in contact with “Feed my Starving Children” and donate your time to help children across the world. Its worth it in the end and it just makes you feel so good after.

Good deeds never go unnoticed!

A few weeks ago Alyssa made some gifts for our local police. She did it just because, just because she wanted to and just because she wanted new friends. When she did that she didn’t realized (nor did we) that it would touch so many hearts and make  these very important people and new friends so incredibly happy. She didn’t do it to gain anything more then friends and to do something for someone else. (Read about it here)

This morning while completing our daily routine, and waiting patiently for the Special Ed but to arrive and pick Alyssa up, we got a visit. We got a visit from those amazing men and woman who protect us and take care of out city, and who are now her NEW FRIENDS.

Alyssa's new friends.

While the visit was really all she ever needs to feel good and to have a fantastic day, it just wasn’t enough for the officers. They contacted me last week and explained to me that Alyssa really touched their hearts and their families hearts. That they in return wanted to do something special for Alyssa. They wanted her to feel as special as they felt when they all got their gifts from her.

Today they brought her, their gifts. These officers and many more from our community pitched in and got Alyssa a great big basket full of fun.  Gifts to bring out more of her creative side, Tons of Arts and Crafts, and a few other fun things .

Alyssa gifts

These men and woman have touched Alyssa just as much as Alyssa has touched them. As I see it, Good deeds never go unnoticed, God sees everything you do and all the good that comes with the wonderful meaningful things in life, When you do good things, you will feel it come back to you in one way or another. With Alyssa she has gained so much, She is building confidence, friendships, thoughtfulness, love, and much much more.

For many children with Autism, communication is difficult with Police officers, Things weren’t so easy with Alyssa and he perception of stranger in general, add a uniform to that and it was even more difficult, I think showing her how good Police officers, Firemen and Military personnel are has helped set a good path for Alyssa in this situation,  Talk to your kids, talk about good examples and good things that police in your community do, Show your children. Take them to meet Police officers so that your child with Autism is aware of the need for them in their life, So that if they ever need help they know they don’t need to be afraid or that they can get help from these amazing people.

You can get a card for verbal and nonverbal Autistic children and adults HERE! Alyssa has one that she carries when we are out because she can get lost in an instant and before making all her new friends she wouldn’t have stopped to speak to officers to get help. The card is great and will let the other person know “I have Autism” It gives great information about your loved one and even a mood sensor to let the officer know if you are upset, scares, happy. Its FREE and worth it.

Veterans Day

Today is Veterans day, Today we remember the men and woman who have pledged to fight for our country and protect. Today Alyssa and the rest of the family will visit a very important man.

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This year our family’s grandfather passed away. He passed on St. Patrick’s day and was laid to rest on April 1st 2015 in a national cemetery. George was a huge part of Alyssa’s life, he was there since day one, He lived with us and helped care for Alyssa. He didn’t have to he wanted to. They were two peas in a pod, He meant the world to her and still does to this day.

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Alyssa thinks about George every day of her life, she prays at the table for him to have a great day in heaven, She has taken over his old room and while she does have her stuff on the walls, her bedroom set and all her dolls, what she doesn’t let anyone touch or move is his wall of pictures, the paint color and his walking stick. All of those things must stay where they are until she is ready. They had a special bond that no one could crack and they still do to this day.

What some people do not know is that George has a remarkable effect on my oldest daughter as well. Olivia talked to George a lot, She also grew up the last 6 years of her life with this amazing man living in our home. I remember the day she enlisted in the Army National Guard. He cried and he thanked her and he was so incredibly proud. When she went to basic training for 3 months, he cried and talked about her all the time. When she went to AIT training for 4 months he wrote her and asked if she had called, How was she. and again cried because he was so proud. Olivia made an impact on him as he did to her.

I want to say thank you to these two amazing people. Thank you for being such loving people in our lives but also for taking that oath to protect and honor our country. I love you both!

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