Alyssa’s service dog and Petsmarts treatment.

Our service dog in training went to #Petsmart Hotel (Eden Prairie) Dog day camp for a 3 hour play date. He is 8 months old.
When I went to pick him up, they told me he was at the animal hospital because he had gotten a good size gouge in his hind leg, The vet said he needed to be sedated and get 6 staples. PetSmart said they dont know what happened they would review the cameras and get back to me, Its day 2, I went in today to get copies of any paperwork we signed and see what happened since I havent heard back. I was told we never signed a master agreement (releasing petsmart from any liability) and that they viewed the tape and saw that no other dogs were near his hind legs. So what happened then?
My husband called to get more info and now PetSmart hotel will not speak with us regarding this any longer and told us to get a lawyer. Really?
My daughter is a wreck.

We have finally been contacted with 4 different stories from Petsmart employees.
1) The video showed no dogs near his hind leg or bites.
2) The video showed Rizzo mounting another dog and getting bit.
3) there is no video
4) (legal team) Sorry there is a video and we watched it and it appears he was bit behind a pole you cant really see behind.

Will they let me see the video for myself to see what really happened to Rizzo? No they refuse. This leads me to believe something else happened to my dog. Im still fighting this fight. Alyssa wants to know whats wrong with her dog. Im going to get answers.

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