Alyssa’s K-9 Kitchen

Well, Alyssa has been hard at work these days.

She got an offer back in March this year to sell her Dog Biscuits in 2 sewing stores here in the cities. We met the store owners one day when I was getting my sewing machine fixed and when I went to pick it up Alyssa had come with me, she brought with her a bag of her dog treats because she knew they had an in house dog there. She got to tell the store owner about her biscuits and why she sells them, Also that she has Autism. It wasn’t a huge conversation on her part so I stepped in as always to explain it a little more. Comes to find out the store owner has a son with Asperger’s.  (Who would have thunk?)

Well, one day in March I got an email from his wife, she said they talked about some things and that Alyssa really touched their heart and they wanted to help. SO they offered to sell her dog biscuits in their two sewing stores.


We put together a display and got to making those biscuits. Alyssa was so pleased and so excited to be able to fund more money for her donation for the local K-9 unit.

Below is her second batch of Dog Biscuits for the sewing stores, 10 bags of Chicken flavor and 14 bags of Peanut Butter flavor.

13094376_1014137691956628_6403253827611717333_n     13094337_1014137728623291_9123809638810987835_n

Thank you Valley West Sewing Center for your generosity and love for her fundraising and cause. You have put a smile on her face just knowing you are helping.

A brothers love!

I have an amazing son, He is supportive and caring to no end. And even though he fights with his sister frequently, He still loves her dearly.

Well, He had me sign him up for Virtual Strides. He wanted to get Alyssa the Autism medal for run/walking a 5k. Not only did he do it to support his sister he did it to support Autism Awareness in general. He did it on his own free will and he did it out of love.

His medal was delivered in the mail yesterday and he gave it to his sister… Thank you my dear loving son for making Alyssa’s day brighter.


WOW its a new year!

WoW, Boy it’s been a while since I have had a chance to sit down and write. There have been a lot of things going on in my house so far this year, some good and some not so good. All in all I would say things are holding up just fine. The kids are still doing pretty well in school.
The bullying has stopped with Jordan, so he is more confident at school and making more and more friends. The boy never seems to have homework because he does it in school on down time. (Who does that at 11?)
Alyssa has been ok, she was doing really good for a while there but as of recently her case manager has informed me that she has regressed a little in 2016. She will be attending an extended school program this summer for 12 sessions which we hope will benefit her in the long run.

Alyssa is still in Gymnastics but has not moved up, she is still in beginners because she cant seem to make it over that bar without some assistance. She has started Flag football (pic below). And she is busting out bags and bags of dog biscuits.


Jordan is in Flag football and in Soccer this spring. This boy and his sports!

Olivia is now on the road to becoming a Social Worker. She changed her degree from Law Enforcement to Social Work because she sees it as a better fit all around. She is still In the Army National Guard and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon.

I myself have been having some issues with my knee but other than that I think the family is doing AMAZING.