Bullying and your rights

I’m just going to put this out there because at the current time my son is going through this. Since October 8th of this year he has been bullied by a child at school and this child’s friends. HERE you can see the day he was assaulted by the child and since that day has endured ridicule, teasing, threats and more.

No Bullying (1)

I myself have gone to the school as well as my son has gone to the Principle and assistant Principle. Nothing has changed. Nothing is being accomplished. So here are the steps to take to get the ball rolling when your child is being bullied. (Well the steps I take anyways)

  • Go to http://www.stopbullying.gov/laws/federal/ and read up on what the Federal Laws are.
  • Go to your State on that first page of the Federal site and read up on your state laws. Ours happens to be Minnesota. http://www.stopbullying.gov/laws/minnesota.html
  • Print out both Federal and State laws. Highlight the areas that pertain to your child being bullied
  • Write down every incident, Keep detailed notes of who you spoke to and when bout each incident and what was told to you.
  • If it continues. Go over the school itself head and contact the Superintendent of your district, be sure you have all your notes.
  • If that doesn’t work, file a restraining order. Yes you can get restraining orders for unwanted acts. Even against children. My son was assaulted so that defiantly warrants a restraining order.
  • Get involved in your community to bring attention to bullying and let it be known you won’t stand for it and will help others if needed.
  • See if there are other recourses in your area. Minnesota has School Safety Technical Assistance Center, They help schools develop programming and intervention practices to deal with bullying, and should be able to reach out to your child’s school to resolve the bullying.

I am not a parent who will stand by and let my child fear going to school. I have heard from others in the school (people who work there) that my son isn’t not the same, that he is quiet, he is reserved now and always watching his surroundings. This is not OK with me and I will be his advocate 100% until something is done. Don’t let your child be a victim to bullying. Listen to your children, watch for signs and talk to them.

It’s that Elfing time of year again

Yes, its time for the mischievous Elf on the Shelf to come live at our house again.
I have to say this is a pretty genius idea. This Elf (ours is named Elfie) comes to our house on December 1st and watches the kids until December 24 when Santa comes to give the gifts and take Elfie back to the North Pole with him. Elfie reports back to Santa every night about how the kids were behaving in our home, Are they Naughty or Nice? Then Elfie comes back to the house where he gets himself into plenty of not so great situations and we wake up and catch the little one playing about the house.

This morning Alyssa woke up and was on the hunt to see if Elfie would come again this year, and much to her surprise she did. She even came with a door to the North Pole. When we woke up this morning there she was sitting next to her new door with a note for Alyssa. So after reading the note, Alyssa sat down and had a little chat with Elfie, Alyssa explained that since she has to be good every day that Elfie should be good everyday and that maybe this year she should try to not get into troublesome predicaments around the house at night.

dec 1

So from now until Santa comes to gift us our gifts and take Elfie back, we are stuck wondering “What will Elfie do tonight?”