Weekend Getaway.

We decided to take the kids away this past weekend because their spring break was not very fun, their spring break was spent dealing with funeral arrangements and family in and out of town.

We took them to Wisconsin Dells and we stayed at the Kalahari Waterpark and Resort. It was a lot of fun and the kids hopefully will remember it for years to come. Here are a few pictures and Information on what a fun time we all had!


All in all I say we had a great trip. the only thing that would have made it better was if our Oldest would have been able to make it, but she had to work and stuck with her responsibilities. And as she will tell you, She is an adult now “she buys milk”.

It has arrived

Remember when I posted about my husband adopting my daughter, Well we got the official birth certificate in the mail and the signed sealed piece of paper says clear as day

FATHER: Christopher…


Legally he is the one and only father to the beautiful girl, He has treated her as his own since day one and he has never turned her away. He calls her, sends her fun exciting things to her dorm and he makes sure she knows he is there no matter what. That is what a true father is..

YAY for our HODO family!

Sad week for the family

This past week we had the funeral for my husband’s grandfather who passed on St. Patrick ’s Day.

A very emotional day for this little one.

A very emotional day for this little one


We had relatives from all other states come and we had family we have not seen in a very long time come celebrate his life with us.



Grandpa George was a Vietnam Vet and because of this he had a military service at the Minneapolis Nation cemetery. It was a beautiful service. My youngest daughter received the flag, People stood up and spoke, and our pastor did a wonderful job with the prayers and words to the family.


The day was very emotional for my autistic daughter, she was so incredibly close to grandpa, he has been living in our home for the 6 years she has been alive. He was in her routine every day, He would get her on her special-ed bus and he would watch movies with her. They were so close that they just got each other.  Since his passing Alyssa has not left his room, therefore we had to move her things into his room and make it her/his together. She hasn’t allowed us to remove his things off the walls and she has taken over the care for his Lizard. Alyssa had a hard time the day of the funeral but I know with time things will get better.

National Cemetery

My oldest daughter in her dress blues, My youngest daughter with the flag.

My oldest daughter honored him by wearing her military Blues. The day she joined the military he bragged to his family and he just glowed with pride. Having him buried at the National Cemetery near our home means a lot to us, we will be there a lot each year, to talk and to celebrate with him.

My husband, as sad and stressed out as he was, was very happy to see his family. I think this brought a lot of people closer together and gave some more reason to keep in touch. You should cherish your loved ones for one day they could be going home to heaven.


Good bye picture. Many of the family getting together before they hit the road