A day for myself.

Yesterday was a great day for me. I got to sit on my couch all day and crochet. This was the first day in a few weeks now that I have any time for myself, so of course I took advantage of ever second.

The first thing I did was catch up on my mood blanket. It felt really good to do that. I got to go over all the square moods I had marked down in my calendar and add them to my blanket. I now have 54 days of my 360 day blanket complete. I looks great so far and I really enjoy seeing my feelings on a blanket.
If you want to see more information on how the process of the Mood blanket works, Click Here.

As for now, here is the updated picture of this year long blanket in the making!



The rest of the day i worked on a new hat that I really wanted to complete in January but just didn’t have the time. Stay tuned to see the completion of The Women’s Peaked Hat… I really like it.

It isn’t always easy.

Having a child with autism isn’t easy. It’s not the meltdowns or the constant need for routine that is hard to deal with it is the social part that I feel affects me as a mom of a beautiful autistic girl. When I see that she doesn’t understand relationships and how they work, or her need to be outside of the group with no real emotion to be included at times. That is the part I think is hard for me. I want so badly for her to have friendships and be a part of a group.

There are times she thrives for the attention from her peers and there are those times she just backs away from the possibility of having relationships with others. One minute she can be in your bubble wanting so bad to be your friend and the next she doesn’t want to communicate and does her own thing. I don’t understand what is going on in her head and I guess it’s not for me to understand. All I can do is encourage healthy friendships and hope that someday she will understand more about the people who come and go throughout the years.

The friends she has understand her and that is so very important, because the friends that don’t understand or know how to deal with her at times seem to turn their backs without a care in the world. Does it hurt Alyssa? Yes and No and only she can understand that. I hope in time it gets easier and I hope that the friends she does have stay her friend for many many years to come. In the mean time I will be there to help love, guide and even explain the nature of others when she needs it most!


Alyssa at her girl scout meeting.

IEP for my Autistic daughter

I have been very busy lately with shall I say it “family issues”. One of those issues happens to be my youngest daughters IEP meetings. We finally came to agreements on what is helpful for Alyssa on a day to day basis and what we will be adding and taking away from her IEP for the next year. One of those things is sensory tools. See Alyssa has Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD. She is sensory seeking which means she likes to feel things, she likes to see things and she likes to hear things. Busy loud places do not bother her yet crowded places of people bother her.

So anyways, the school had asked me about things she likes at home that seem to be calming and quieting for her. When we need her to focus at home how do we go about it, Sometimes the answer is a small as “she likes to rub her blanket across her lips” When she does this she sits quietly, listens and almost zones in on stuff. Among other things of course. But this is what they want to try at school, minus the big blanket. So they asked me to make her a small blanket like cloth to have in the classroom. So I came pup with this!


This is about the size of my hand, Not to distracting, and has a chewy on it as well, which is something she also does. She loves it and so far so good the school said. Now that I have the fabric though, I have to make her a large blanket to match for home.